Invoice Templates

While often overlooked, your invoice template is a critical element in the success of your business. It can make or break your reputation. A poorly designed invoice template can make your business look careless and unprofessional. This can result in customers taking you and your company less seriously. When customers take you less seriously, they will take your invoice less seriously; you are less likely to get paid.

However, a properly designed invoice template will make your business look effective and professional. It will help you build branding and improve your reputation. An effective template will also attract repeat business. This article is going to teach you the fundamental aspects of designing an invoice template; you will learn the essential components required to make your invoice template effective and deliver the results you want.


Having a proper label is an important component of your invoice template. People often skim through their mail. That is, they don’t take the time to read it all. If your invoice is not properly labeled, your customers might not identify it as an invoice. This could result in fewer payments. Therefore, it is vital to have a proper label on each invoice. The title should be on top of the page and have a large font.

When your invoice is correctly labeled, customers will be able to identify it right away. As they are skimming through their mail, they will be able to notice your invoice and put it in the section with their other important documents.

Invoice Number

The next thing you want to do is make sure your invoice template includes an invoice number. Including an invoice number makes your invoice appear more professional and authentic. It is also important to add an invoice number for your records and accounting. Without invoice numbers, it will be difficult to track down unpaid accounts. If you don’t know who hasn’t paid, you will not be able to recover the money. It will also be difficult to keep track of which customers bought certain products or services.

However, placing invoice numbers in your invoice template allows you to track your billing and keep better records. You will be able to pinpoint overdue invoices and take corrective action. Keeping track of invoices will help you monitor the purchase history of each customer. You will know what they bought and if they have been paying on time.

Compnay Logo

Placing your company logo in your invoice template adds an element of professionalism and helps with branding. Both of these elements are vital to maintaining and growing your business. Incorporating professionalism and branding will increase the credibility of your business. The more credible you appear to your customers, the more likely they will be to give you repeat business.

Your Contact Information

Don’t forget to include your full contact information in your invoice template. If you don’t include your full contact details, it will be difficult for customers to contact you if they have a question. If a customer disagrees with an item on their invoice, they will want with speak to you. If they can’t find your contact information, they might disregard the invoice. It’s also important to include your contact information for customers who have questions about other products or services you offer.

When you do include your contact information, it will be easy for customers to reach out and get in touch. They can contact you to clear up any questions they might have. Also, your customers will trust you more if you are easy to contact.

Product or Service List

Including a list of other products or services you offer is a great way to attraction repeat business. If a customer bought from you once, they are likely to buy from you again. If you don’t include a product or service list, you could be leaving money on the table. You can’t count on a customer remembering you. In fact, they might not even know about the other services you offer.

However, including a product or service list will encourage customers to make additional purchases. If they are happy with the product or service they already bought, they will be interested in knowing what else your business can provide. This alone can significantly increase your sales.

Payment Instructions

You must include payment instructions in your invoice template. Your invoice instruction must be precise and detailed. If you don’t include payment instructions, customers might not know how to pay you. Again, you cannot count on them to figure it out for themselves. If they don’t know how to pay you, they probably won’t. They will procrastinate and never get around to it.

You need to tell them exactly how to pay you. If possible, offer several payment options. Allow your customers to pay with either cash or a credit card. You should also include checks and money orders as additional payment options. They are not used as much, but some people still prefer to pay with a check or money order.

Thank You Note

Finally, you need to include a short thank you note at the bottom of your invoice template. A lot of companies overlook this vital step. If you don’t include a thank you note, you will not appear as personable and friendly. While it is important to maintain a level of professionalism, you need to remember that customers don’t want to do business with a faceless company. They want to do business with a person. More importantly, they want to do business with a person they like, trust and respect.

This can be achieved with a simple thank you note. Adding a thank you note to your invoice helps your customers feel like they are doing business with a friend; it will make them feel appreciated. Your customers will be more likely to give you repeat business if they feel as if you care about and respect them. The simple act of placing a thank you note in your invoice template is very powerful.